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Young Professional Programme: How we make it work!

by Nancy Bax, on Nov 9, 2020 5:46:14 PM

By Nancy Bax, HR Manager

In 2012 we had the idea to design a Young Professional Programme because we wanted to recruit and educate the next generation of consultants in an alternative way. Our age pyramid was out of balance and it was high time to connect with the future generations to have fresh and innovative ideas, challenge the existing ways of doing things and, last but not least, to become more competitive in the market. Instead of just hiring some young people we thought that a Young Professional Programme would be more sustainable and also more attractive for high potentials. Being a smaller company there were also some doubts if we could make this project work as we had to start from scratch. Soon it was clear that we would have to go the extra mile to offer a high quality programme and to implement it. There were three points which we discussed before launching the recruitment campaign:

1. What’s in it for the Young Professionals?
2. What’s in it for Krauthammer? 
3. What is the programme like?

And here’s how we pictured it:

1. What’s in it for the Young Professionals?

"The educational weeks, as well as the participation at Krauthammer University ensure a constant learning and  developing. I personally love the broad applicability of the things we learn and reflect upon. This programme is simply unique."
Malgorzata Goncerzewicz

Working with Krauthammer is a great opportunity to learn about organisations and to get experience in different commercial activities (project, sales and account management). The Young Professionals also learn to be in front of groups by co-delivering training programmes. On a personal level it helps to get to know oneself better and to discover real ambitions. Last but not least we are an international company with a lot of different nationalities working together. And after the successful termination of the programme the journey hasn’t necessarily come to an end: We potentially offer the Young Professional to become a Krauthammer consultant if he wants to.

2. What’s in it for Krauthammer?

Energy, fresh wind and new ideas – that’s in short what we expected the young people to bring. We were also eager to exchange about new ways of working and digitalization. Besides we looked for more flexibility in resourcing, know-how and pricing. Also for marketing and branding projects we wanted to have more digital natives on board. 

3. What is the programme like?

Its duration is 1.5 years and it is based on three parts: “Learning”, “doing” and “mentoring”. During the whole programme all Young Professionals come together for education every 6-8 weeks. These educational weeks take place in different Krauthammer offices and are led by Senior Consultants.

a. In the learning part (education) the Young Professionals follow three curriculums:

Training facilitation: Learning how to train, coach and facilitate
Sales: Learning how to generate leads, prepare presentations and write proposals
Personal Development: Discovering themselves with their talents, pitfalls and ambitions.

b. Doing: Our Young Professionals are involved in daily operations and they have to put in practice what they have learnt during their educational weeks. They are co-facilitating in trainings and workshops (audited by senior consultants), joining Account Teams for sales projects and participating in innovation projects (based on their interests).

c. Mentoring: Getting the best out of people! That’s our ambition. Through coaching we make sure that the Young Professionals get their questions answered and that they are able to cope with their tasks. Next to a direct manager who is responsible for the Young Professional also an ex-Young Professional can be a sparring partner.

Our Young professionals are located at our offices in Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt. The first Young Professionals who started in 2014 are now working as Krauthammer consultants.

Information about the Krauthammer Young Professional Programme can be found on: