Top management meets Generation Y

Two top Krauthammer managers and three of our young professionals shared their thoughts about their experiences working together and what they’ve learnt from each other. Find out if differences or similarities prevail and if clichés can be dismissed.

In many organisations today, there’s a large gap in years between the Baby Boomers driving the business and the youngest employees from Generation Y. How well do they actually work together? And what generational stumbling blocks do they need to overcome to turn the generational diversity into success?

We spoke to two of Krauthammer’s top Baby Boomer managers and three of the company’s youngest Gen Y professionals about leadership, careers and company cars to find out what the generations can learn from each other.


By encouraging collaboration between generations and helping them learn from each other, companies can harness the potential for growth and profit from the positive synergy that this generational diversity brings.


Deloitte’s Generation Y: Powerhouse of the Global Economy report