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Krauthammer blended learning journey principles

by George Pouw, on Nov 9, 2020 3:58:49 PM

Krauthammer University the place where new blended programmes are developed. Everyone who followed a Krauthammer training, will recognise the unique methodology that make those trainings impactful. Let’s take a look at some principles which contribute to results when applied. 

Adapt to the client context 

Often clients already have a good idea of how a training programme should look like when we first start talking. It’s important to challenge their ideas to ensure that the programme design really matches the learner’s feasibilities, the company culture and if it is technically possible. This co-designing work is crucial to build an impactful learning journey. And it doesn’t stop there, as the programme should allow space for continuous improvement, based on feedback from previous learners.

Programme content essentials 

The type of format or content needs to fit the learning objectives and the audience characteristics, where you want to look at how much time learners have for each step. Bundle classroom / virtual training with autonomous learning moments and real-life activities to learn on the job. Including check points to measure if new skills are mastered. 

Building the positive vibe 

Learners have to make an effort, an action, an experience and become responsible for their own improvement. Personalise the learning journey where possible to the individual learning needs. Make the progress visible to the learner, but also to other people involved, especially the N+1. Building a community, e.g. on social media, can do wonders, especially at the launch of a training programme to create engagement for learners to get started. In some cultures, including rewards (badges, points, gifts) is a great way to make the learning journey fun. And a last element, include bonus learning modules that only made available when a learner has progressed well.