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Keeping employees engaged

by Krauthammer blog, on Nov 9, 2020 5:48:58 PM

Companies are more and more aware that employee engagement is a critical factor for business success. This is also backed up by the Deloitte study “Human Capital trends 2015” where HR and business leaders rated “culture & engagement” as the most important challenge followed by “leadership” and “learning & development”. But as disengagement rates are quite high* this is questioning existing people practices, especially in view of how to engage and manage them.

Here now four hands-on tips how HR and management can contribute to avoid disengagement:

1. Offer a realistic job description when you hire

To avoid disengagement at an early stage, make sure that your job descriptions are matching reality. As HR manager it’s your responsibility (together with the business manager) that the candidate gets a clear outlook on the job role, its expectations and performance indicators. Don’t raise false expectations and consider if a trial or field day may be an option for some positions.

2. Promote a “culture of courage”

Focus on coaching and performance management to motivate. Employees who feel that their contribution is valued are more willing to step beyond their comfort zone, to experiment and to share their point of views constructively. Make it “safe” for them to take risks to challenge status quo thinking. This behaviour triggers greater ownership as well as higher engagement and commitment for the organisation.

3. Inspire engagement

You can’t force engagement, but you can certainly inspire it. If you empower your employees to share success stories, best practices and to exchange ideas engagement will spread around and can even be contagious.

4. Stay connected with your employees

Engagement is an ongoing process, varying from time to time. What engages employees during busy times can be different to what keeps them engaged when things are changing or slow. So if you want to keep people engaged, it’s crucial to stay connected with them.

*only 13 % of the global workforce is highly engaged; more than half of the workforce wouldn’t recommend their employer to their peers.

Source: Deloitte human capital trends 2015