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Is it possible to create impact only with digital learning?

by Krauthammer blog, on Nov 9, 2020 5:17:33 PM

Is it possible to create impact only with digital learning?

This year we opened Krauthammer University analysing digital learning and the consequences for building impactful learning journeys. Making learning digital is the current buzz and there are many digital learning solutions available like Coursera, MOOCs, etc.

But how impactful are digital learning solutions by themselves?

We think that digital solutions work well for highly motivated individuals. But the big question we ask ourselves as a learning engagement company is “how do you create within a company the same high motivation for today’s overwhelmed employees?”

Our intuitive feeling tells us that just digitalising content is not enough to change behaviour. You don’t become a sales expert after watching a 1 hour online course. Learning is not a ‘one size fits all’ product. The specific context, the learning needs, existing knowledge and speed of learning are highly individual. We have already come to the conclusion that a deep understanding of instructional design is at the heart of understanding how to make digital learning work. During the remainder of our University and in the coming months we will explore this topic further with our experts at Krauthammer.

Stay connected to find out more of our findings on how to make digital learning impactful.