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How to stick to your New Year's resolutions

by Susanne Barth, on Nov 9, 2020 5:10:37 PM

The New Year is still fresh. And so are your good resolutions for 2018 which are a great opportunity to grow and develop yourself. But unfortunately many New Year’s resolutions are already abandoned by February. So what can you do to stick to them during the year? How to avoid falling back into old patterns?

1. Make a relevant choice

Why is it relevant for you to make this change? If you don’t have a clear answer you should rethink your resolution and modify it. Otherwise you will soon miss the motivation you need to pursue your goal. If you have several resolutions on your list select those which are really meaningful for you. Less is more!

2. Set a realistic goal

If your goal is too high and far away from your current status you will disengage quickly and end-up doing nothing. So set realistic, achievable and - if possible - measurable goals (e.g. attending four networking workshops, enrolling in a certification programme or reading three top sales publications). When it comes to career resolutions be aware that goals like “getting a promotion or a , raise” aren’t that simple to obtain as they don’t depend exclusively on you.

3. Have a concrete plan

Everything starts with a plan and so do resolutions. Get ready to work on your plan by making a schedule which you integrate into your daily life. If it’s your resolution to spend more time with friends plan appointments with them (every fortnight, once a month etc.).

4. Be accountable

If you share your resolutions with people you trust you probably won’t give up as easily as you would without sharing. You feel obliged to hold on to your word and your sparring partners can help you track progress through the year.

5. Accept setbacks

Encountering setbacks is normal when you want to achieve something new. So if you suddenly fall back into a bad habit or behavior, don’t see it as the endpoint of your efforts. Don’t give up! Instead consider keeping a resolution journal, where you write down your successes and struggles. Write also down the reasons why you have created this resolution so that you can refer to it when you feel unmotivated.

A New Year’s resolution expresses your wish to have a change for the better. So stick to your resolution, work on it throughout the year and be the happy one who can say that he really kept his New Year's Resolution.

By Susanne Barth, Krauthammer