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How to find your most appropriate management style?

by Jean-Marie Lagaillardie, on Nov 9, 2020 4:53:53 PM

Great managers do reflect about their management style(s) by asking themselves these questions: 

  • How can I harness the strength and impact of my management style?
  • Which management style is the most effective? Under what conditions?
  • How can I create the right dynamics for success?

The starting point for a manager is to clarify the situation according to five macro and micro dimensions:

  1. Business requirements - challenges (crisis vs. development) and timescale (short-term vs. mid-term)
  2. Personal preference – which style suits me naturally?
  3. Team functioning – what maturity do they show as a team?
  4. Individual profiles within the team – junior, confirmed, expert?
  5. Needs of each team member based on his performance in every single area of his responsibilities – participative or agile style in performance areas; directive or coaching style in improvement areas.

Moreover, there is a golden rule: give others what they need, in order to generate commitment based on their own motivational drivers. Because, if the manager is the one who puts things in motion, the team itself provides the energy to move forward.

The manager's impact relies on his situational intelligence based on each of these factors, the quality of his interpersonal communication and the accuracy of his interpersonal perceptions (micro & macro, said to be ‘emotional intelligence’).

A helicopter view for navigating in a high position.

Jean-Marie Lagaillardie

Training Consultant