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How to energize teams

by Susanne Barth, on Nov 9, 2020 4:45:36 PM

By Susanne Barth, Publications Manager 

Do you find that your team is lacking energy? That morale isn’t high? As manager you know that engagement is core for job satisfaction and business success. So here some random tips on how you can support your team to rediscover their sparkle.

1. Offer participation 

Give people the chance to take a break from their normal schedule and to get involved in something different. Ask them to embark on interesting corporate initiatives not directly related to their job (special task force, new project group, etc). Variety and connecting with different people helps to return refreshed to normal work. Besides you can ask the team to submit own ideas to streamline processes or make other changes. This can be done through an “open space workshop” where all team members can put their ideas forward. 

2. Broadcast successes 

Let the team know how much their hard work is appreciated. If the team wins a big new contract, reaches an important goal or goes the extra mile for a project, make sure to share this so that everybody hears about it (intranet, internal platforms, monthly bulletins, meetings etc.) Just moving on to the next big thing is exactly what’s making employees tired.

3. Boost coaching skills

As direct manager you have a big influence on your team’s motivation. You should be passionate and people-oriented. Coach your people the best way possible by securing that you are also professionally coached. 

4. Connect the senior management

Teams find the interaction and attention from senior and executive managers motivational. According to Towers Watson the role of senior managers in attracting employee’s discretionary effort is even exceeding that of their direct manager. So ask your senior management to be visible and palpable for your team.  

5. Lighten up and have some fun now and then!

Finally, don’t under-estimate the impact of fun. When people are engaged, motivated, and enjoying their work, it seems that there is nothing that can’t be achieved. So make your work place a pleasure to be in.

Energizing teams is time well spent. It’s only with energy and engagement that people can become the greatest asset you need them to be.