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Building culture in remote teams: why it’s important, and how to improve it

Everything you need to know about remote work collaboration habits for your teams

4 ways to maximise working-from-home productivity using a humanistic management style approach

Why a renewed focus on leadership is important for those leading the workforce of the future

How embracing diversity and inclusion in sales creates high performing sales teams

The impact of technology on sales and how sales leaders should help their team adapt

6 ways to improve performance and productivity of remote workers that gets your sales team back on track

Look past performance data: The importance for sales leaders to assess their team members with a Humanistic Management Approach

How to identify and effectively manage the four different remote work personality types

How 2020 has impacted the world of work - The 6 biggest workforce changes that are here to stay

5 tools for managing remote teams that will boost productivity immediately

5 strategies line managers can use for maintaining and building trust in remote teams

What sales leaders of the future need to know about remote team performance management

Sales management training, onboarding, and supporting: How to coach new hires fast for the new normal

3 Future focused skills a Sales Manager should have to maintain high sales performance

5 line manager strategies to help you become more effective with your remote team

Board Reporting Framework: The line manager’s real-time performance resources to keep your c-suite updated in challenging times

What is 21st century leadership? The new skills every manager needs and how to develop them fast

11 New Leadership and Management challenges from 2020: what you need to know to prepare for the Future of Work

5 ways your sales team needs to change to meet the buyer decision making process of the future

How to build a Sales Pipeline for online and offline sales to meet the buyer of the future

How to align your sales strategy to your business goals and approach the Future of Sales with confidence

The Future of Sales Management: How Sales Leaders can Implement Change into Their Team to Attract Today’s Buyers

Is your leadership pipeline fit for the future?

Why isn’t your prospect becoming a customer?

How to stay efficient during a business trip

Employee engagement from a recruiter’s perspective

How to announce difficult decisions

Why you should lead an exit conversation

Keeping employees engaged

Young Professional Programme: How we make it work!

Influencing your CEO to spend more on talent development

How to select the right coach

On-boarding: No second chance to make a first impression

Evaluating remote workers

Is it possible to create impact only with digital learning?

How to stick to your New Year's resolutions

3 behaviours to increase your coaching impact

Forget about Mr. or Mrs. Perfect – how can we really develop people?

How to find your most appropriate management style?

Recruitment: How to find the best candidate for your vacancy?

How to energize teams

Don’t let meetings kill your productivity

Married with your job: Why we need time off

Gamification: Tackling things differently

How to scare off millennials (and how to engage them)

How to set up a good Assessment Centre?

5 steps to get the most out of your training programme

Building an executive coaching programme in six steps

How to fix a performance issue

How to integrate digital learning in trainings

Is your organisation ready for sales in the new digital era?

Krauthammer blended learning journey principles

7 recommendations for a successful board presentation

How to make use of powerful collective intelligence approaches?

What does learner experience really mean?

Emotional intelligence in a multigenerational workplace

How to stay well during tough times

Mental resilience

How to change work behaviours you don’t like

How to build your personal learning plan for 2020

4 tips to manage workplace friendships

Learning to say “no” when you need to

How to manage your energy

What to do when work sucks?

Try the language of the giraffe: nonviolent communication

Understanding body language

Beware of the Frank Underwoods!

Open your mind to positivity

Feedback through cultural looking glass

Work less, achieve more

Recipes for learning

4 board presentation techniques that new managers can use to get their plans approved and secure project budget

4 difficult conversation exercises any new manager can use when delivering bad news to employees

4 Tips new managers can use for building a good team culture

How new managers can use the effects of leadership styles on team motivation to create a happier team and deliver better results

Essential Sales Technology your Team needs to Deliver Successfully in both Traditional and Remote Selling Environments

How to Build a Remote Sales Team: 7 Sales Management Tips you can Apply to Improve your Team’s Remote Selling Skills

Remote Selling - Why it’s here to stay, the Benefits it brings to the Client and how it Increases Sales Team Performance

The 4 Essential Steps Required to Adapt your Sales Process to a Remote Selling Environment

How to stay well during tough times

Learning to say “no” when you need to

4 Essential Management and Leadership Skills for New Managers and Supervisors to Help You Become a Great Leader That the Board Trusts and Employees Admire

Conflict Management Training: How to Identify Different Types of Conflict and Deal With it Quickly and Effectively

How Sales Managers Can Effectively Manage These 4 Different Personality Types In A Team

How New Managers Can Use Change Management Leadership Tools to Help Their Teams Adapt

Assess, Align, and Train Your Sales Team to Achieve Maximum Performance on Every Level

How to be a Sales Leader and Get the Most Out of Your Team

Account-Based Sales: How to Upskill Your Sales Reps to Win Deals When Multiple Decision-Makers are Involved

Making the Shift Successfully from a Product-Focused to a Solution-Based Sales Process: What You Need to Know

The New Manager’s Compass to Systemise Your Department, Develop Management Skills, and Report to the Board with Confidence

How a New Manager Can Perform a Team Skill Gap Analysis to Identify What’s Working, What’s Not Working, and What Needs Improvement

5 Practical Time Management Activities for New Managers to Help Efficiently Structure Their Time Between Team Members, Board Meetings, and Their Own Tasks

How External Support Networks and Management Leadership Online Courses Can Help Shape the Leaders of the Future, Like Yourself

The Ultimate Guide to Adapting Your Sales Process to Incorporate Remote Sales and Energise Your Team to Boost Results

How to Design a Sales Process That Focuses Your Team on Key Sales Activities and Boosts Efficiency

Redesigning Your Sales Department: 5 Essential Steps to Creating a Sales Process Your Team will Thank You for

Sales Managers: Why it’s Important to Understand the Differences Between the Sales and the Buyer Journey

Winning at B2B sales today

To sell is human

What NOT TO DO in a sales pitch

New Sales Management Training

Just 15 mins can Link you in !

Why isn’t your prospect becoming a customer?

Turn an upset client into a happy one

Engaging prospects with the right question tactics

How not to close a deal

Manage your sales reps successfully

Selling is like riding a bike

How NOT to social sell

B2B selling in the U.S. - what you should know

U.S., India and China: How to rock your sales

How to approach B2B sales in India

8 ways to kill your sales presentations

The first phone call with a new lead

“You’re too expensive”

Negotiation tactics

Sales management: 10 excuses you shouldn’t just accept

How to lead successfully from the middle

How to overcome resistance to change

The 3 pillars of digital transformation

"I truly believe in the power of engagement."

CEOs are in the middle of digital transformations

Moving boundaries every year

The secret to top performing teams

World Cup Russia 2018 – Five coaching lessons for managers

Turning rivals into allies

Understanding your management style(s)

How not to delegate

How does digital make us review the way we work and learn together

Coach your team to their A-level

Workplace learning – make it a success!

Speed dating: How to spice up your meeting

Escaping the conformity trap

Happiness at work

Spiral Dynamics

World Café for conversations that matter

Tackling the traps of teamwork

How do you build a company of “intrapreneurs”?

Cross-cultural negotiation

The mystery of managing Generation Y

Do-it-yourself year end evaluation

Getting your first 100 days right

How to overcome resistance to change

Sharing and giving - nice people advance first

The perfect entry

Successful negotiations: STOP being a victim, START taking charge

Top management meets Generation Y

The ABC of employee engagement

How to lead successfully from the middle.