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3 behaviours to increase your coaching impact

by Thijs Westerkamp, on Nov 9, 2020 5:01:19 PM

1. Don’t mix up real coaching with managing:
Ensure when you coach people that they are on the driving wheel. It is their career, their live and their job. As a coach you should be okay when your advice or the challenges you give to your coachee are being ignored. Only if you keep that level of distance you might expect that they take their “ownership”.

2. Ensure you coach just “a little less” than needed:
This is to keep the coaching moments special and well received. While people will grow they need to take more and more their own risks and solve their own issues at hands.

3. Spend more time on “what works well?" & "why & what did you do to make it happen"?
It is interesting to see how much attention is put in those things which don’t work. Why start trying to make them work with a lot of effort, all kind of bureaucracy, rules and regulations with the aim to make happen what obviously did not work in the first place? What would happen if we really use the same effort in learning and developing those things which do work? How much easier will it be to learn and start copying and pasting those. I understand there are serious limits to this when it comes to high stake situations! ... but that does not mean all our mistakes and failures should be treated as that. Ask yourself, what do you see when parents are coaching their children with team sports on Saturday’s? I often enjoy how well they coach in the break… This is the behaviour I see: 

  1. “You are really great (praising),
  2. What did we do really well? And how come that that went so well? (starting with the positive, and analysing how come)
  3. What can or should we do next if we want to win this game? (asking for their own solution)”

Thijs Westerkamp
Training Consultant